Russian Caravan
$3.95 / oz
Black Tea

Though a little-known fact in the Western world, Russia is actually one of the worlds largest historical consumers of tea, dating back to imperial trade conquests in the 17th century. Russia traders, travelling in caravans, faced grueling conditions in their journeys to and from China, and as a result would often damage or alter the taste of their teas in their travels.

This led to the development of a smoky and stout signature flavor in Russia tea that is still relevant and popular today. Try this unique tea for yourself, and imagine traveling through mountains and deserts under the starry night sky on the Russian Caravan.

Quantity (required)

1.5 tsp
4-5 min
Pairs best with
Many pairings! Breakfasts, sweets, salty, crackers, cookies!
Caffeine Level Medium / High
Country of Origin India

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