Monk's Blend
$3.95 / oz
Black Tea

Monk’s Blend is a sip full of nourishing flavor that will leave you feeling whole all day. Commonly consumed by Buddhist and Taoist monks even in the present era, this blend of natural floral ingredients and traditional black tea is said to have been developed by ancient monks as a healing, spiritual drink.

With strong flavors of vanilla and grenadine, this mix grown in Sri Lanka will give you the energy to help live each of your days to its fullest potential.

Quantity (required)

1.5 tsp
4-5 min
Pairs best with
Cookies, sweets, snacktime foods!
Caffeine Level Medium / High
Ingredients Black tea, Calendula & Sunflower petals, and Natural flavors
Allergens Calendula & Sunflower petals
Country of Origin Sri Lanka

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