Mint Green
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Green Tea

Refreshing cool mint flavor in a green tea. A delicious and heady combination.

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The Story

Tea blended with mint is one of the oldest variations in the world of tea. From Armenia, where mint is known as Ananookh, to Khazakstan, where it goes by the name Jiyek jalbız, to Morocco where it is called Eqama, people have been adding fresh mint leaves to tea for at least a thousand years. But even before it was added to tea, the bitingly sweet herb was enjoyed on its own, or in oil form, for hundreds of years before that. Olfactory scientists claim that the scent of mint is one of the most recognizable on the planet. The scent is pure, refreshing, pungnet and slightly burning when highly concentrated. We think you'll be delighted by this tea. The characteristically intense flavor of the herb infuses sweet minty notes that blend beautifully with the tea's mellow and slightly smoky profile. The particular tea we've used is Pekoe Gunpowder from the Uva region of Sri Lanka. Green Gunpowder is produced by forgoing the fermentation process required to produce black tea. Instead, the leaves are steamed as soon as they are plucked and then hand-rolled into small round pellets. Once immersed in water, these pellets gracefully open to reveal a full leaf. Gunpowder teas typically have a dark coppery green color, and produce a pale yellowy green infusion, with a smooth, slightly smoky cup with a sweetish finish. The tea is highly receptive to the addition of our natural flavorings and produces a very satisfying brew. Make yourself a pot today and enjoy a cup of this minty fresh tea! This one is unbelievable over ice.

1.5 tsp
3-4 min
Caffeine Level Medium
Ingredients Green tea, and Natural flavors
Allergens Mint
Country of Origin Sri Lanka

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