Cold Comfort
$3.95 / oz
Herbal Tea

At Harbor Leaf we think the simple things in life should be just that: simple. No reason to fret around trying to find the best tea to drink when you’ve got a winter cold, we’ve got the perfect blend for you right here.

This herbal tea is a blend of ginger root, rosehips, orange peel, lemon grass, and other natural ingredients that will help you fight those November sniffles and get a smile right back on your face after one, simmering hot cup.

Each of our herbal teas is made and processed in India, and all are 100% caffeine free.

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2 tsp
4-5 min
Caffeine Level High
Ingredients Ginger root, rosehips, tulsi, orange peel, lemon peel, lemongrass.
Country of Origin India

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