Raspberry Lavender
$3.95 / oz
Herbal Tea

We swear that this tea will have you feeling refreshed and re-energized after just a whiff of its aroma, which delivers a floral pop of herbal, earthy scent.

But the flavor of a cup of Raspberry Lavender is what’s most important - a citrusy, fruity fusion of natural ingredients that will excite your taste buds and liven your mood instantly.

Each of our herbal teas is made and processed in India, and all are 100% caffeine free.

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1 tsp
4-5 min
Caffeine Level None
Ingredients Raspberries, lavender buds, lemon peel, and hibiscus.
Allergens Raspberries, lavender buds, lemon peel, and hibiscus.
Country of Origin India

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