Irish Breakfast
$2.95 / oz
Black Tea

A full bodied tradition Breakfast tea, blended with Assam and Kenya teas.

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The Story

As with most teas, the longer you brew this tea the stronger it becomes. If you're Irish, you'll let this tea brew a good long time and then add a splash of milk. Milk, in the case of a tea this strong cancels out the tannins and diminishes the bitterness that can characterize some strong teas. Debate rages from Dublin to Tipperary as to when milk should be added - before the tea or after? The milk-first camp argues that milk added after the hot tea will scald and should therefore be added first so it can warm as the tea is poured. Milk-last devotees argue that the only way to properly measure the amount to add is to pour it last. (Non-users of milk regard the whole issue as quite silly.)

Either way, t'is a strong blend. Enjoy in the morning with toast, or a traditional Irish “fry-up!”

1.5 tsp
4-5 min
Pairs best with
Soft and runny eggs sunny side up with toast. Also enjoy with Irish Steele Cut oats
Caffeine Level Medium / High
Country of Origin India

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