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Green Tea

A full flavored green tea that has a satisfying light refreshing character. Steamed Green tea giving it that bright rich color.

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The Story

Gyokuro is produced only from hand-plucked tea grown between March and April when tea bushes flush, pushing up fresh new shoots. Complicating matters, for the first three weeks of production, the bushes are shaded with bamboo and straw, forcing the plants to produce more chlorophyll, deepening the flavor of the leaf. About two weeks after the shading has been removed, the tea is plucked. Extreme care is taken to select only leaves that are smaller than one inch in size. Anything larger and the tea will lose its fragrance and pliable, tender qualities. Next, the leaves are gently bruised and lightly steamed resulting in a fine, dark leaf with pungent depth and luscious green character.

1 tsp
3-4 min
Pairs best with
Sweet and salty combinations, such as crackers or lightly salted snacks.
Caffeine Level Medium
Country of Origin Japan

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