Our Story

Small Business, Big Dreams

Small Business

Harbor Leaf Tea Co. was founded and created in Downtown Lawrence, KS, by us - Scott and Chase.

We are passionate about great tea, and have always dreamed of having our own independent business. After much planning and hard work, we finally pulled the trigger in early 2018.

With Scott's many years of experience managing and keeping retail businesses running smoothly, along with Chase's many years of designing extensive software platforms from scratch, we finally decided it was time to branch out on our own. We wanted to have our own space where we can put customer experience first, and do what's right without asking permission from a board of directors or executives.

Not to make it too easy on ourselves, we decided to open two businesses simultaneously in Downtown Lawrence - a gift boutique named Anomaly, and Harbor Leaf Tea Company which would utilize the back of our retail space for logistics and shipping operations.

Big Dreams

Our long term goals are to expand our businesses in the local area, and keep our main priorities focused on our community and customers.

We believe that we're all here together equally on this planet, and we should try our best to leave it a better place than we found it.

We believe that a company can be successful while not compromising things like quality, customer experience, and our planet.